Fuel efficiency – an important aspect for used cars in UAE

While living in UAE, one must have to control his/her commuting expenses. At this time when hybrid, electric and different fuel option cars are making the headline, we cannot deny the ground reality that majority of the drivers have still those traditional petrol vehicles for daily commuting. Fuel efficiency is not only required to be light on your pocket but this is necessary for an eco-friendly environment as well. Before buying any used car which is for sale in UAE, you must have to analyze which cars can be pocket-friendly and do not become a barrier to your fun or comfort while driving them.

Give a look at the best and worst fuel efficient used cars for sale in UAE that are economical too.

Most Wanted Economy Friendly Used Cars for Sale in UAE

Audi A3

efficient car audi a3

One of the most efficient used car for sale in uae: Audi A3

Audi has class and style both. This 1.4L stylish vehicle has four- cylinder sedan. The people belonging to UAE can find this used car for sale in UAE as the best option for them. The price is a little higher but the fuel consumption and you should not compromise the efficiency, smooth drive and speed just for few bucks. Though the price of Audi A3 might be three times higher than the similar efficient cars of some other brands, but you will find this vehicle more impressive in all terms.

BMW 2 Series 320i

So here comes the winner car which has 2.0L engine sedan. The BMW 2 Series 320i won an award because it’s good for fuel economy and has less fuel consumption, i.e. 16km per liter. Not only a good option for residents who want best used cars for sale in UAE, but this car is acclaimed globally.

Volkswagen Golf

VW Golf used car

Efficient and popular used car in UAE: VW Golf

There is no competitor of the highly stylish vehicle which actually does not crave for your fuel much. It can cover an average distance of 20km in just a liter. Regardless being labeled as the most favorite of Germans, this car is also often searched in used cars for sale in UAE category and the residents love this vehicle

The Volkswagen Golf is one the most desirable and a bestselling model in the world.

Cars with Least Fuel Efficiency

Toyota Land Cruiser

No doubt this is for those who need a spacious cabin. Though this one is an impressive vehicle but is not advantageous for fuel efficiency. It can cover a 100km trip in 15.4 liters of fuel but still this car is admired by many. This could be a good choice for the people who are looking for used cars for sale in UAE which are spacious and big.

Porsche 911 GT3

Not only for the racetrack: The used car 911 GT3 is very popular.

Not only for the racetrack: The used car 911 GT3 is very popular.

Being a sports car, this German made car is designed for people who always want to be in the fast lane. With a 3.8L engine capacity, the fuel consumption is also higher, which is 12.4 liters just for 100km

As this is a next generation car and the latest version was launched previous year, so you might not be able to find it as a used car for sale in UAE.

Cadillac Escalade

So this a luxury SUV car in full size and is a good choice who are looking for used cars for sale in UAE. This car has the 6.2L engine and can cover 6.6km distance per liter. It consumes more petrol than its American fellow models. The 2015 model is not available in UAE but you can go for the previous ones which are also very nice and affordable too.