Rules and regulations for selling used cars

When you go for used cars for sale in UAE then you are supposed to follow the rules and regulations of the country.  This question comes up in every mind that what is the procedure and laws for used car for sale in UAE.

  • Do not put any sign or sticker with tag “car for sale” on your car window. This is illegal in UAE. You would have seen such practice in Europe or other countries but this is not the right way to advertise your car for sale in UAE. The Result of this practice can be harmful. The Police of United Arab Emirates can fine or abandon your vehicle for this mistake.
  • You cannot wash your car in the streets of UAE. This practice can charge fine AED100 upon you.
  • In the UAE, you cannot sell your car without clearing the due loans and mortgage.

These are very little rules but not following them can create a trouble for you.

used cars UAE sign

Using “For Sale” signs is not allowed when you will sell your used car in UAE.

Clearance from RTA:

A person who is selling his car should clear the loan taken from the bank. Once it’s done, it is the bank’s responsibility to inform the RTA in order to clear the loan from their system. RTA, after clearance, will send a text message to the vehicle owner. This process takes 24-48 hours. In this way, the owner will get a valid certificate. Now the owner can easily transfer the vehicle to the buyer. This procedure is necessary for used cars for sale in UAE. Charges to get clearance from RTA system are AED 120.

When the seller has to transfer the car to the new owner, he must be present there. Emirates ID and driving license will be needed there. A buyer should not forget to receive the original documents from the seller at the point of transfer.

Who can transfer my car on my behalf?

The owner must be present for used car for sale in UAE, but there are many options for other parties to sell your car on your behalf.  You can run the procedure through courts but it is time-consuming. You can contact to the auto show room that has the authority to write the sales agreement. Before doing so, make sure that the company or person is trust-worthy and you have given the permission to the third person to proceed on your behalf. A seller should not forget to take the writing of the agreement.

The above mentioned rules and regulations should be followed on any cost when you go for used cars for sale in the UAE.